Georgetown Day 1

Last year, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean for the very first time of my life. That’s right, I was an absolute stranger to the American continent. I still have a lot of things to discover there, but I am at least more familiar to the capital.

D.C!!! Visiting my boyfriend for two weeks last year was absolutely wonderful and I am back now to enjoy more of that marvelous happiness we share together.
I love Georgetown. It is one of the best places to live to me… I couldn’t really say that because I have never lived there but I could really picture myself in one of those little cute houses, a little isolated on the hill and so close to the modern world that is the craziness of the city.

I love:

-pretty, small, colorful. The Georgetown houses completely fulfill these requirements.
-nature: the river and the wilderness of the trees of the forest create a beautiful harmony with the rest of the human presence that are the roads, the buildings, bridges and all the monuments.

54263_10151087879345686_103487163_o-young crowds: the University is right there, guarding the hill and all of its hipster students who are hanging out in nice and fun places all over the town.


Visiting Julien a little earlier this year, we still get warm shiny weather, which wasn’t what the Sandy hurricane brought us last year, at all.
After an interesting Maths class, as a clandestine, we headed to Clyde’s for dinner, because we love Clyde’s. It was the first place where I ever ate in America so it holds a special place in my… tastebuds ^^ The service is wonderful and I love the decoration theme of the M street restaurant: old travel and ads posters, and they are all over the walls!

While Julien was waiting for his burger, and me my lovely baked brie, we sipped nice ginger ale (free refill!!) and lemonade, stuffing our faces with bread and nice salted butter – which I always regret because I’m much less hungry when my dish arrives… oh well! Like I always say: I’ll have more control over myself next time.
Our food arrived and it probably took us less that 10minutes to devour everything. It was so yummy! I mean look at that!

We then took a nice walk down the hill to reach the Waterfront park and the river which we ran along last year… The sun was so bright, we decided to sit on a bench facing a lovely fountain and feeling its drizzle on our skin.
(I’m wearing a cute white gold necklace from Vietnam: it’s a little Vietnamese conical hat – never forget the origins!)

Once our stomachs were less suffering and allowed us to stand up again, we kept strolling.
At the end of the day, we took a bus and headed to Bethesda.
IMG_0719 IMG_0720
(I’m in LOVE with my new backpack -> Brandy girl all the way!)

I <3 Georgetown.