Last 24 hours in Paris

My Parisian days are now over and I am back to being a Londoner; oh well!

I still wanted to share my last night in Paris before telling you about the perks of living in London!

My last 24hours living in France… Where to start??

Ok so first: my move! It was the first time i was moving on my very own and I must say, I consider I did a pretty good job. I am SUPER organised and despite the loads of shit I had in my tiny 13 square meter room in Paris, I manage to pack everything in time. The movers arrived on the morning of Friday 14th June and took away my 9 heavy boxes. I had one last lunch with my friend Anne-Laure who I’m going to miss a lot, and went back to my hall to finish cleaning the room for check out. Argh checking out! The lady got so picky over stuff and decided to teach me how to do cleaning… Pfff anyway, she ended up cleaning the stuff she considered not clean enough herself. We locked my room and she kept the keys, I signed a few papers and I was out, leaving 7 months of my life behind. Bye bye Feuillantines.
Despite my 9 boxes which had been taken away, I was still packed like a mule and suffered on my way to Alix’s who kindly let me stay at hers for my last night in the city. We chatted a bit in her kitchen and probably ended up eating just a little bit of junk food and then headed to the Gobelins to take the bus and meet up with Solène at  Saint-Michel. While we were waiting for our bus, some crazy lady started talking to us and we got really scared because she wouldn’t leave us alone! We managed to get rid of her, fortunately.

Cocktail time!! We sat on the terrace of the Saint-Severin and each had a nice drink. Alix who cannot swallow anything spicy ordered a Bloody Mary, oh dear… And because she had never had tabasco sauce, she put too much obviously! She sipped her drink very, very slowly; it was really funny.

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The clock stroke 7.40pm and Solène headed home while Alix and I bought a hot  dog in a little street of the 5ème to share on the RER on our way to Versailles.

Versailles… VERSAILLES!!! We were so excited on the train!! Totally euphoric (last time I felt that way was when Megan and I crashed the rallye last year in London, aaah good times :’D)! We had done sushi night in front of Marie-Antoinette to get ourselves in the mood for that beautiful evening in the Jardins du chateau with all the water shows and the fountains and the music and the fire shows and… The magnificent fireworks. They do the fountain shows on a regular basis all summer, every year but that night was the one they launched it and for that occasion, there also was a masquerade ball in the Orangerie of the castle so we got to see lots of people in costumes walking around the bosquets next to us which felt like we had gone back three centuries before and were at the Cour. It was absolutely wonderful; I had never seen fireworks that big – then again I haven’t been to Sydney for New Year’s yet though I intend to someday.

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It was 11.30pm when the fireworks ended and we had to leave; we got to see more Marie-Antoinette people with beautiful costumes and masks and were so jealous; we got on the last RER after jumping the barriers without paying or there was no way we’d ever make it back to Paris (we’ll go confess, we promise!).
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We then walked from Saint-Michel to the Rue de la Montagne Sainte-Genevieve and headed to the Violon Dingue because I had promised Alix we’d go there before I left; it wasn’t as crowded as I remembered and when I asked why so the bouncer replied: “It’s only 1am miss” o__O So yeah, the party only really starts at 2am in Paris which is a lot later than London. We waited for a bit sipping cocktails and drinking tequila shots on the house – the waiter was so adorable with us – and chatting with random strangers outside who would all hit on Alix.
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Once the dancefloor got crowded, we danced and sang our lungs out like crazy chicks and left at around 3am because we couldn’t breathe downstairs anymore and Though we had no curfew, there was no need to worry Alix’s parents.
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The next morning, we got ready to meet up with Tristan – who had just gotten back from Stanford – in Montmartre but had 5 minutes to chat with Alix’s mom who had a big laugh when we told her we were at the Violon Dingue because she used to go there with Alix’s father when they were hipsters like us. Tristan waited for us for a long time because we had all of my stuff to carry and had some metro alarms and elevators issues, but lunch was really nice: we sat on the terrace of a nice café and caught up; theb both Alix and Tristan walked me to the the Gare du Nord where we said our goodbyes.
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I don’t know when I will see Alix again… Not before a while I assume :( but we had an amazing time in Paris and I am so happy she was there at the end of my Parisian days.