Le Marais

Ile de la Cite.

You know how most tourists like to visit Paris and head immediately to the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower… Well, okay those places are nice I guess but not necessarily real Paris style; more… tourist style.



So next time you head to check out the Louvre and the Hotel de Ville, keep walking along the Rue de Rivoli, toward east, and you’ll find yourself in little streets with little old 18th century buildings, nice small brasseries and shops where actual Parisians go out at night when they look for a lovely evening out with friends. The crowd is quite young which makes the neighbourhood dynamic and even if you don’t intend to actually sit down for a beer, it’s just pleasant to walk around and feel the ambiance.
Rue des Rosiers.
Rue des Francs Bourgeois.
Rue Vieille du Temple.
Those moments that I spent there are already memories… I must admit there are things I will miss about Paris (especially the public transports efficiency which are 100 times better than London ones – that I HATE btw), and one of them is the Marais (and my dear Quartier Latin obviously!).

Before I left, I met up one last time for lunch with Solene and Ambroise who were lucky to go to prepas in the Rue Geoffroy Langevin. Ambroise usually liked going to this cute Italian sandwich place, but after two times there, I decided we should try something else. So we headed to the Rue des Blancs Manteaux where they had herd there was a tasty bagel place: the Bagel Market. The rumors were not false at all, far from it. We all had the same: a chevre, fig, rockett, honey bagel; you can also pick the king of bagel bread you want and I went for caramelised onions; one word: DELICIOUS! I was happy to have one last lunch with my London/Paris friends there and definitely recommeand the place. And another positive thing about the Bagel Market: the lovely staff; you know how Paris people are known to be unpleasant – and I can totally confirm it – well it wasn’t there case there at all! So +++!

P1100489 P1100488 P1100484



That same week which was the sunniest and hottest week I had had all year Alix and I went out for drinks and dinner in the Marais. We met up at the Gobelins metro station and cycled – I am not a Velib (Paris bikes for hire) virgin anymore! – to the Marais. It was such a warm and fine evening; on the way there, we stopped by the parvis of Notre-Dame where there were street shows: somes guys in roller blades were jumping in the air off a springboard, it was pretty impressive and scary; I couldn’t help gasping and screaming everytime there were 4 meters up from the ground…

Alix and I kept cycling and on the Pont Saint-Louis, we saw a man who had turned umbrellas into funny and original fountains and he has turned a big bike into something that looked like a flying machine with some sort of wings: it looked magical. Once again, we rode our bikes to finally reach the Rue Vieille du Temple where we meant to go to the Petit Fer a Cheval, a tiny tiny bar; we first had to look for a Velib station where there was space to park our bikes which took us ages… It was already 9 pm so obviously, the bar was full and we just walked in the streets and finally found a Quebec restaurant, the Equinox, that had room outside for us. We had a sweet girly cocktail, followed by a yummy meal: potato galette topped with foie gras, duck confit and magrais. There was a crepe place right in front of the terasse where we were seated so obviously, all dinner we kept starring at people buying crepes and had decided we’d each have one for desert.

P1100415 P1100413 P1100418 P1100417

When the time came, we were not hungry anymore but couldn’t resist our gluttony!