Finding a piece of dear old London in Paris

How nice is it to meet up with old friends you haven’t seen in months? My answer: wonderful.

People say you never stay in touch with high school friends. I want to tell them they’re 100% wrong. The friends I made in London are my dearest; we became so close, even if we don’t see each other in months, it’s so lovely to meet again and talk about our respective lives.

Ambroise and Solène are both in Paris as well as me; we saw each other a couple of times in the city but not more than that because we are so overwhelmed by work and also because we didn’t realize how close our schools were. But my girlfriend Amalia, who stayed in London for her studies is on Easter-break at the moment so she decided to stop by Paris and say hi.

We all met up in the Marais yesterday for lunch and hung out to catch up, it was lovely. Ambroise and Solène had to go back to class afterwards; Amalia and I crossed the 4eme, passed by the Hotel de Ville and Notre-Dame, arrived in the 5eme, where I showed her my lycee and my hall.


The Rendez-vous today was rue Rambuteau. The weather was much nicer than yesterday, and Ambroise thought he would convince us he had found the best cookie place in the world, even better that Ben’s cookies. Good luck with that! We walked to the place, Laura Todd bio cookies… As we found ourselves standing in front of the shop, the girls and I had already made up our minds about it: it didn’t smell as lovely as Ben’s cookies, the cookies there were twice more expensive and twice smaller. Sorry Ambroise. He bought some and then we headed toward the real reason why we were in that area: Berko‘s baking shop.



Berko is a colorful place where you can buy tons of different cute cupcakes (you’ll find the craziest flavors: they have Dexter ones!), cheesecakes, little tartelettes and even bagels. I felt like I was walking in a joyful Gail’s. We all had a slice of cheesecake each that we fought to finish because it was so rich, as well as delicious! I don’t know about you but cheesecake is one of my favorite things in the world :D




After an hour of chat and gossip we all said goodbye, knowing we’ll see each other soon.

I had missed them a lot, and somehow, it felt like we had never been apart, as usual.