“They Say it’s Spring, it’s Youuuuu”

Every year (well since I heard it for the first time) I have “They Say it’s Spring” by Blossom Dearie stuck in my head when spring springs.

Today, after a long long hard winter, temperature finally went up. So much it almost fell like a summer! I was wearing my -not so- warm winter coat two days ago, and today I took out my cute white Hollister shorts with a new pair of coral red sneakers that I bought yesterday, a white and navy striped shirt and the cherry on top: a little bow matching it tying my hair in a ponytail. Not any more layers! Oh happy day!

After a nice home-cooked lunch in my residence’s garden (for the first time I moved here) I studied for a bit (yh, it was inevitable) I went to the Jardin du Luxembourg to relax and read this book I borrowed from the library of the lycee where I’m in prepas Hypokhagne (sarcastic “yay”), W ou le Souvenir d’Enfance by George Perec – the guy who wrote an entire book without using the letter “E” !!!



So I wanted to relax…I crossed the black and gold gates Rue Auguste Comte and the view was absolutely frightening. Every green space possible was covered by a crowd of picnics, sunglasses, balloons and people who, like me, decided to enjoy this beautiful day. Children were playing by the big pond that is in front of the castle with those miniature sail boats that are adorable. Flowers haven’t popped out yet but I have the feeling they will promptly.


I took some time to find a spot to sit down and went from grass to bench to finally those funny but comfortable chairs on which you’re almost lying; I read rocked by the (sweet?) sound of that good old Marseillaise, sung by the protesters who seem to have made the neighborhood their home.

I am so very glad winter is over.